A strong alkaline cleaning water with pH12.5 for stain removal, sterilizing. Non-irritating.

-This product is 100% ion alkaline water, which is produced by electrolysis in our original method. This product has higher pH than existing products (Patent is already obtained).
-As this cleaner contains no surface activating agent/alcohol etc., it is safe to not only human body but also environment.
-Just by spraying this product and wiping lightly, persistent stain such as oil spots or tobacco tar is easily removed.
-Since this product evaporates as regular water, there is no necessity to re-wipe for drying.
-As this product permeates well and quickly into the stain, the stain will be removed from the surface, therefore stain removal on bumpy surface becomes easy.
-The high alkalinity of this product (pH12.5) removes bacillus coli, O157:H7, salmonella and so on within 30 seconds.
-While the pH of this product is pH12.5 the moment it is sprayed, it gradually becomes the pH of regular water as time goes by.
-This product also has static-prevention effect, which provides dust-prevention effect.
-This product has been professionally and widely used for cleaning inside restaurants, the bullet train and so on.
-This product is best for sterilizing refrigerator/cutting board, removing stain for PC and other electrical appliances, and stain removal for clothes.
-The safety of this product on human body has been proven (skin-irritation, eye-irritation, oral toxicity, mutation, cellular toxicity).

Ingredients: Ion alkaline water

Shelf life: long shelf life.



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